There’s no I In Team

H1VE’s vision is to develop a sense of community, spirit and togetherness, because it takes at least two to high-five.

When you’re part of H1VE, you work as one for everyone to achieve their goals. We instil spirit, passion, drive and togetherness, to help you truly feel a part of something.

Yes, We Can!

We are a community first and individuals second.

H1VE aims to inspire people to take steps to a better future everyday. We welcome everyone with open arms, build close-knit communities that look out and look after each other and take pride in seeing others succeed.

Gym buddies

member feedback

Don’t believe us? Here’s what our members have to say…

“It’s been great to get back to H1VE after lockdown. The studio is clean, the numbers are reduced and everyone is respectful with regard to distancing.

All the members sanitize their hands on entry and wipe down the equipment after each use. I feel totally relaxed with the new rules and just glad to be working out with friends again.

With Andy’s enthusiasm and motivation, I feel physically energised and mentally more positive. Long may it continue!”

Sally O

H1VE Member

“I was so excited to come back to H1VE after lockdown & I was really impressed with the social distancing measures the team have put into place.

I feel really safe because everyone is cleaning in between each activity and keeping their distance. H1VE also helps me so much with my mental health as well. It’s great to be back!”

Sally O

H1VE Member

“I love H1VE! I feel happy and safe in the studio with the rules the team have put into place. It’s very clean!

Although we are social distancing, everyone’s still very friendly. I’ve done two back to back H1VE classes today & I will continue to come back to the studio because of how safe and happy it makes me feel.

All the H1VE coaches are brilliant – special shout-out to Andy & Chantal who have put me through my paces in the studio since it reopened!”

Alice S

H1VE Member

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