The H1VE boutique fitness studio offers a variety of dynamic, energising and motivating classes every week, each designed to push you to your limits and give you a full body workout to remember!

Classes are all led by our ‘Rockstar’ coaches whose sessions combine cardio, functional, strength and conditioning training.

You will be part of an environment like no other, with classes changing regularly to ensure you continuously learn new training techniques and progress your fitness.



A fun yet challenging class hitting a full body workout using big compound movements, resistance weights and cardio to help shred up and burn those calories. (Higher volume, less weight, longer intervals).



Incinerate calories by working on a punch bag – throwing punches, knees and kicks combined with compound exercises and cardio intervals to not only improve cardiovascular fitness but also tone the body. (More focus on the combat, heavier weights, shorter intervals).



This class will focus more on improving strength with heavier resistance exercises combined with killer cardio to help tone up and lose body fat. (Less volume, heavier weight, shorter intervals).



07.00-07.45H1VE Blast
09.30-10.15H1VE Sculpt
18.30-19.15H1VE Blast


09.30-10.15H1VE Blast
18.30-19.15H1VE Combat
19.30-20.15H1VE Sculpt


07.00-07.45H1VE Sculpt
08.00-08.30H1VE Technique
09.30-10.15H1VE Combat
18.30-19.15H1VE Blast


09.30-10.15H1VE Sculpt
17.30-18.00H1VE Technique
18.30-19.15H1VE Blast
19.30-20.15H1VE Combat


07.00-07.45H1VE Combat
09.30-10.15H1VE Blast
18.15-19.00H1VE Sculpt


09.00-09.45H1VE Blast


09.00-09.45H1VE Sculpt


All H1VE classes will be delivered utilising the MYZONE technology platform which will help you take your training to the next level.

You will be able to track your progress in real-time, whether it’s calories, intensity or heart rate, to ensure you’re getting the most out of each class/workout. Live heart rates will also be displayed on our massive screen in the studio so you can ensure you are pushing yourself to your MAX!

As a member you will also be part of our H1VE MYZONE Community where the fun and social experience will continue!

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Everyone is welcome at H1VE, no matter what your level of fitness. We pride ourselves on creating a real sense of community. We are a community first and individuals second and you will feel a real sense of belonging here at H1VE.

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