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A boutique fitness studio like no other.

Combining cardio, functional, strength and conditioning training with fantastic equipment, MYZONE technology, state of the art lighting, led by dedicated coaches, all of which add to the unique fitness experience that is H1VE.


All For 1,
1 for all

At H1VE, we work as one so everyone can achieve their personal goals, from the complete beginner to the seasoned exerciser. We instil spirit, passion, drive and togetherness to ensure our community truly feel a part of H1VE.


Choose from BLAST, COMBAT,  SCULPT or GTi classes. Each one designed to push you to your limits and give you a full body workout to remember!



Shred up and burn those calories (Higher volume, less weight and longer intervals)



Incinerate calories by working on a punch bag, throwing kicks and punches! (More focus on the combat, heavier weights, shorter intervals)



Improve strength with heavier resistance exercises combined with killer cardio to help tone up and lose body fat (Less volume, heavier weight, shorter intervals)



A fun yet challenging full body workout incorporating individual work stations with group workout aspects. The circuit style class using Olympic lifts, cardio equipment, dumbbells, prowlers, battle ropes and much more will test you to your limits and help incinerate those calories

The H1ve Community

Community lies at the heart of training here at H1VE.

No matter how sweaty, broken, defeated or ecstatic you feel after your session, don’t forget to snap a photo or a selfie and tag it with #TRAINATH1VE so others can feel motivated by your efforts.

We’re in this together.

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